Write a blog post

  1. Add the blog element to your page.
  2. Select New Post from the Blog element menu.

  3. Fill in the following fields on the Basic tab:
    • Post Title – Give your new blog post a title.
    • Publish Date – The date auto populates to today's date, but you can choose a different publish date by clicking the calendar link and choosing a different date or by typing one in manually. 
    • Time – The time defaults to 12:00am but you can enter a specific publish time such as 8:00am to publish the post at that time on the specified date.
    • Content – Write the text of your post, and add any pictures you would like to share with the world.
    • Tags – If you would like to categorize your blog posts or organize them, you can add tags to your blog post.
  4. Fill in the following fields on the Advanced tab: 
    • Summary – Clear the Disable auto summary box to write your own summary for the post, or leave the box checked to let the system generate the summary.
    • Thumbnail – Add the thumbnail image for this post. You can drag an image from your computer and drop it in the display area, upload an image or select an existing image.. Thumbnails display only in blog elements that display in list format and that are set to display thumbnails. Read more about Blog Post Thumbnails here.
    • Post Shortcut – The shortcut is used to give your blog post an easy to remember direct address. For example if you make your shortcut “New Product”, then anyone can type “www.yourwebsite.com/New-Product” to visit it. This is useful for adding keywords to URLs for search engine marketing, traditional marketing, and creating easy-to-remember landing pages.  Your shortcut can be edited later if need be.
    • Author – This auto populates to the person's name creating the post, but you can enter a different name if necessary.
    • Meta Description – Enter the meta description for this page. This description is often used as the summary on a search results page.
    • HTML Head – Enter any code such as Javascript or CSS that you want to appear in the <head> section of the page.
    • Comments – Choose the option you prefer for comments. 
    • Link – If this post should link to another URL, enter the URL. If you specify a link then any blog post content you enter on the Basic tab is not displayed on your site.
    • Attachment – To attach a file such as an audio or video file, click the Choose File button and browse to the file.
  5. Click the Save my changes button.