Text Editor Toolbar

The following functions are available on the Text Editor toolbar:

AlignSet alignment for paragraph. Alignment options include:
  • Left
  • Center
  • Right
  • Justify

Apply bold formatting to the highlighted text.

Code View
Switch to code view.

Apply color to the highlighted text.

CSS Class
Apply a CSS class.

Decrease Indent
Decrease the indent of the selected paragraph. Only available if the paragraph is indented.

Document Manager
Upload and manage documents.

Font Size
Set the font size or heading level for the selected paragraph.

Full Screen
Change the text editor to full screen mode. When in full screen mode, changes back to normal editing mode.

Image Manager
Upload and manage images.

Increase Indent
Increase the indention for the currently selected text.

Insert Horizontal Line
Insert a horizontal Line.

Insert Table
Add a table.

Insert Video
Insert a video clip by embedding code or video URL.

Apply italic formatting to the highlighted text.

Link Manager
Insert a link.

Ordered List
Create a numbered list of items.

Paragraph Format
Apply a heading or paragraph formatting to the selected text.

Redo the previous "undo" action.

Special Character
Insert a special character.

Undo the previous action.

Unordered List
Insert a bulleted list of items.