Show Product Tags on Product Detail Page

You can give visitors an option to view a related or similar products list, as illustrated below, by enabling product tags on the product detail page. When enabled, the product's detail page displays a list of all tags assigned to that product. Clicking a tag displays a list of all products that are assigned that tag.


For information on formatting a product listing as a tag list, see Add a Product Tag Listing to a Page.

  1. Select Store Settings from the Store menu.
  2. Click the Product Tags tab.
  3. Set the following options in the images section:
    • Enter the Width and or Height dimensions. If you enter only one dimension, the other dimension will be automatically calculated. 

      If you enter both width and height, the system determines the best thumbnail size based on your entries. For example, you enter dimensions for a width of 150 and a height of 100. The dimensions of the image are 1920 x 1080. The system first calculates proportional dimensions based on the maximum width of 150 px. The calculated thumbnail height is 84 px which is less than the entered height of 100. Next the system calculates the dimensions based on the height of 100 px. The calculated width is 178 px. Since this is greater than the maximum width of 150 that you entered, the system uses the 150 x 84 dimension for the thumbnail.

    • Crop to Square box if you want the images on the product tag list page to be sized to square images.
  4. Set the following options on the Store Settings Basic Tab:  
    • Click the Show product tags on product detail pages box.
    • In the Tag Label field, enter the title to display for the tag list.
  5. Click the Update settings button.