Create variants of the same product

You can add up to three options per product. Options are used in different combinations to create variations of the product. These variations are referred to as “variants.” For example, you have a men’s T-shirt with the following options:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Sleeve Length

With these options, one variant is red, large, long sleeve, and another variant is red, medium, long sleeve, and so on. With this methodology, you have 1 product, Men's T-Shirt, with many variants denoting color, size, and sleeve length.

By default each variant has one option named Title

Add Options

  1. Add a new product or edit an existing product.
  2. Scroll to the Variants section of the page and click Edit Options at the bottom left of the variants grid.

  3. This displays the options dropdown in the grid header row.

  4. To change the option name, select Custom from the dropdown list. This displays the option name window.

  5. Enter the name for the option, for example Color, and then click the Add button. The new name now appears in the header row.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the remaining two option columns.

    Note: If you do not need to use an option, then leave the value for the option as None.

  7. When you finish setting the option names, click Save Options at the bottom of the Variants grid. In the following example, you see the Variants grid has options for Color, Size, and Sleeve Length.

Add Product Variants

Once your options are defined, follow these steps to create variants:

  1. click the Create new variant button.

  2. This displays the New Variant window. 

  3. Enter the value for each option, for example:
  • Color=Red
  • Size=L
  • Sleeve Length=Long
  1. If the product has an SKU, enter it in the SKU field.
  2. In the Price field, enter the price for this variant.
  3. In the Compare at Price field, enter the comparable price, if any.
  4. In the Weight field, enter the weight of the variant. The weight you enter here is used in calculating shipping rates.
  5. If the variant has a handling fee, enter the amount of the fee in the Handling Fee field.
  6. Check Charge taxes  if the product is subject to taxes.
  7. Check the Free Shipping box if you want to offer this item with free shipping.
  8. Check Track this variant's inventory if you want to monitor the quantity on hand for this variant.
  9. Click the Add button.
  10. Repeat these steps for each of the product variants.

After you finish entering variants, the variant grid appears similar to this one:

Each product variant will count toward the total SKU's available through each plan.