Selecting payment gateways

  1. Select Checkout & Payments from the Store menu. 
  2. On the Payments Gateways tab select the payment gateways you want to use.  
    • PayPal- You need a PayPal account email address for this option.
    • Credit Card- Select the Activate Stripe Account button if you want to use stripe, or click the use a different gateway link to enable credit card payments using other payment processors.
      • To select another payment gateway, click on the Choose a provider from the dropdown menu.
        • Authorize.Net- An Authorize.Net Login ID and Authorize.Net Password will be needed for this option.  You will also need to select what credit cards you will accept, Visa, Master Card, and Discover.
        • PayPal Payflow- You will need your User, Vendor, Partner, and Password information.
        • PayPal Payments Pro- You will need the API Username, API Password, and the API Signature.
  3. Click the Save my changes button.