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  • Export Users

    The Export User features enables you to export your user account information to a CSV file. This proves exceptionally useful for backing up your users. Columns in the file include the following: FirstName LastName FullName Email Password RequireUserToChangePassword Roles Company PhoneNumber MobilePhoneNumber FacebookUrl TwitterUrl HomeAddress.AddressLineOne HomeAddress.AddressLineTwo HomeAddress.City HomeAddress.Country HomeAddress.PostalCode HomeAddress.State WorkAddress.AddressLineOne WorkAddr...

  • Import Users

    The Import User feature enables you to import multiple users from a CSV file. To import users, you should first export your existing users to create a template file. Study the data elements in the file to gain an understanding of each, and then delete the user data.

  • Roles

    Roles are used to determine what content a registered user on the site can view and/or edit. There are several system roles that accommodate the majority of permission needs. You also have the ability to create custom roles.