Import customers

  1. Select Customers from the Store menu
  2. Click the gear button and then choose Import Customers (csv).
  3. Press the Choose File button and find browse to your CSV file.
  4. Choose to Ignore customer that already exist or Overwrite existing customers.
  5. Press the Import button.

More Detailed Instructions:

Your customers are identified by a unique email address. By default existing customers will be ignored but you have the option to overwrite existing customers. Customer import cannot be canceled or undone. Depending on the size of the import this operation may take several hours. We will email you once the import is completed.

Get Started:


This template CSV file provides a starting point for importing your customers. If you already have customers in your store you can also use the Customer Export to get a more detailed example.

Things to check:

  • UTF-8 format and LF-style linefeeds
  • ISO codes are required to determine the country and sub-regions of your customers. Below is a list of ISO codes for a few common countries: 
    • US - United States of America
    • CA - Canada
    • GB - United Kingdom
  • If you don't know the ISO code for a specific country, refer to this comprehensive list of ISO country codes.