Sharing text elements from one page to the next

Sharing elements is a time saving and efficient method of managing your site. When you share an element you create the content and then mark it as shareable. When you mark it as shareable, you can then use that same content on any other page on your site. Any changes that you make to the content also update every place you have shared that element.  This is a popular technique for address information. You can create a text element that contains your address information. Then, every other place on your site that needs your address information, you simply insert a new element that is the shared address element. If your address changes, then you update it in one location and all of the shared locations are updated as well.

Share an Element

  1. Go to the element you want to share.
  2. Click Settings on the Element menu.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.

  4. Check the Is Shareable box.
  5. Click Save my changes.
  6. Exit the Element's settings. 
  7. Go to the location where you want to add a shared element.
  8. Click the Add button.

  9. On the Add Element Modal, select the element you want to share from the Share An Element dropdown list at the bottom of the modal.

    Note: Elements only appear on this list once their Is Shareable box is checked on the element's advanced settings. If you change any information on any of the shared elements, the change will be reflected on all of the shared elements. If you have an element that you no longer want to be shared, you must delete the element and add it back as a new element.