Create an Evite

  1. Go to the page where you want to add an evite.
  2. Find the region you want to use and click Add Element.
  3. Select Evite from the list of elements.
  4. Click Add,and this inserts an evite form on the page.
  5. Mouse over the Evite element toolbar and click Settings.
  6. In the Title field, enter a name for the evite.
  7. Check Display this title if you want the title to display on the evite form.

  8. In the Subject field. Enter a subject for the evite. The text you enter in this field is used in the subject line of the email. Consider starting the subject with a verb to request an action from the recipient. For example, Join us for a Meet and Greet or Tell your friends.

  9. Enter the details of the evite in the text field. The information you enter here is used as the body of the email. You can include images, links, files etc. 

    Remember that creating content for emails can be a bit tricky since different email programs can display things differently. See the Tips for creating good email content below. 

  10. Click the Save my changes button to save the evite and return to the evite page.

Once you've completed the settings, your page displays the Evite form. Your site visitors fill out this form to send the evite to their friends. You can preview the content that will be sent by clicking the Preview Evite button at the bottom of the screen. This shows you how the evite will look, including content that is merged from the form such as the sender's name and personal message.

Send the Evite to yourself 

In addition to previewing the evite, it is a good idea to send a test evite to yourself so you can see how it looks in an email client. To send the evite to yourself, fill out the evite form and enter your email address in the Recipient email address(es) box. Keep in mind that every email client renders content differently, so making things appear consistent across all email clients is not always possible. Keeping your content simple is the best way to ensure that the evite look good to everyone.

Tips for creating content for email

  • Images should be less than 600px wide to fit inside the viewing space of the email software. 600px is only a guideline. Some people may view their email in windows smaller than 600px.
  • Use the "alt" attribute on images to provide text that can be read if the images are blocked or slow to load. To set the alt attribute, right click an image in the editor and select properties. Enter the alternate text in the Alt Text field. 
  • Use simple fonts and formats. The best option is to use plain text and let the email client format it. Adding specialized styling is possible, but each email client may handle it differently.
  • If you need to create a look with consistency, create a page on your website with the full content and use the evite to send a simple message with a link to the page on your site. This is a useful technique for event evites, which can link back to the detail page of the event on your website calendar.