Create a quick and easy contact form

  1. Add the Form element to your site.
  2. Select Edit Form from the Form element menu.

  3. This displays the new form page where you can add fields to your form.

  4. By default, the new form is named Untitled Form. To change the name, click the Untitled Form text on the right side of the form.

    Title your form by clicking on Untitled form

  5. In the Form Name field, enter the name for this form, for example Contact Us.

  6. In the Description field, enter the text you want to appear directly below the form name.

  7. To receive email notification when someone completes the form and submits it, check the Email New Entries box and enter the email address where the notifications should be sent.

  8. Click the Add  Fields tab to begin adding fields to your form.

  9. In the Fields List, click Name, Address, Phone,and Email, in that order, to add those fields to your form.  

  10. You can add any other field to the form by clicking the field in the list. For example, to give the visitor a place to enter comments, click Paragraph. This adds a text field to the form.

  11. Click the Paragraph section on the form to display the properties for that section of the form. Change the text Field Title field to Comments.

  12. Your form will now appear as illustrated below.

    Note: To reorder the sections on the form, click a section and drag it to the new location.

  13. Click the Save Form button.