Everything listed under: Blog

  • Write a blog post

    This tutorial will show you how to add blog posts to your blog element.
  • Add a blog element

    If you want to put blog posts, news, or press releases you will want to add a blog element to your site. 
  • Use Disqus for your commenting system

    Disqus plugs into your website seamlessly. Users never leave your website when they interact with your blog posts via Disqus. Using Disqus comments will require you to set up a free Disqus account.

  • Mark comment as Not Spam

    The system automatically detects a comment as spam. When it is detected, the comment will not be visible to the public, but will be visible to blog editors who log into the site. This tutorial will show you how to mark the comment as Not Spam.

  • Mark comment as spam

    The system automatically detects comments as spam. It's a spam detection system that is continuously learning and getting better at removing spam. By marking a comment as spam you are helping the spam detection system improve. 

  • Approve blog comments

    Comments on blog posts can be moderated so that they are not made live until approved.
  • Delete a blog comment

    If a blog comment is not to your liking, you can log in to your site and delete it.

  • Sharing blog posts from one blog element to another

    Sometimes you want to have a blog page on your site, but also have another Blog element on your home page that share the same posts and has different settings.  By following this support article you can share the blog posts by adding posts to only one Blog element.
  • Uploading an attachment larger than 50MB

    Adding an attachment to your blog post will allow users to download it if needed.  This is also used for uploading your Podcast to the website.
  • Point the blog post details to a specific page

    The blog details page is a system created page based on your selected default template.  You can however have your blog details show on a page you specify.

  • Edit a blog post

    Once a blog post is made live you can edit the content and save your updates.  Edits can be made if the post is live or if it is scheduled to go live.