Creating Popup Links with the Text Element

Sometimes it can be handy to force a user to view a webpage in a window at a specified width and height.  To do this requires the use of a pop-up link.  A pop-up link is a link that, when clicked, opens a new window with the targeted page inside of it.  You can specify many variables about the new window, including setting an exact width and height.

To do this requires the use of javascript, a programming language.  It is important to note that some users will disable javascript in their browsers and if they do so, they will not be able to access your link.

To create a pop-up link:

  1. Add a text element to a page.

  2. Type whatever text you wish into the text element, including the text or image that you want to serve as the link (the item you want people to click to access the popup window).
  3. Access the HTML view of the text element by clicking the < > HTML button at the bottom left of the text editor.
  4. In HTML view, place the cursor immediately before the text or image that you wish to make a popup link.  Insert the following line of code.  Replace the web address provided with the address of your target window, and adjust the width and height numbers as needed.  Be sure to leave all of the punctuation exactly as it is here:

    <a onclick="'','popup','width=600,height=600')" href="javascript:void(0)">

  5. Now, place the cursor immediately after the text or image that you are linking and add the following tag:


  6. Click update at the bottom of your code editing window.

    Update Button

  7. Your text or image should now work as a link.  Click on it and a pop-up window should appear as specified.