• How do I Highlight an Event on my Calendar

    You can specify a highlight color for events on a calendar that is formatted with the Calendar style.Select Manage Events from the Calendar Element menu.Click the Edit link for the event.Select the color from the Highlight Color dropdown list.Click the Save my changes button.

  • Calendar Featured Image

    The calendar featured image enables you to specify a featured image that displays prominently at the beginning of a calendar event detail page. You can also configure the image to display for the event in the event list. To use a calendar featured image: On the Calendar element Basic tab Select the List or List with Description Style.

  • Calendar Thumbnail Images

    Calendar thumbnail images let you add a thumbnail image to a calendar event. For calendar elements formatted with a List or List with Description style, the thumbnail image displays next to the event in the event list. Thumbnail images are unavailable for the Calendar style.  To use thumbnail images on your calendar posts: On the Calendar Element Basic Tab: Format the calendar element with a style of List or List With Description.

  • Create a recurring event

    You can set up recurring events in the calender element to save time and to eliminate the need to replicate steps you have already taken.
  • Manage Events

      The Manage Events pages gives you a central location for accessing events on a calendar element. The event list enables you to view or edit specific events on the calendar. Use these steps to view the Manage Events page.

  • Adding an event to your calendar.

    Add an event to keep visitors informed and connected to your organization's activities and time lines.

  • Advanced calendar features using iCal

    Advanced calendar features allow you to use built-in element tools or external software to manage events.  If you're using iCal of Google calendars already, this will allow for easy integration while maintaining functionality within you calendar events.
  • How do I have one calendar with different views?

    Sometimes it's useful to share events between calendars while being displayed with multiple views.  This will allow you to display the traditional calendar view and the list view for calendars that share events across multiple pages.
  • How do I add friendly URL's to my calendar events?

    Creating friendly URL's to calendar events make it easy to link your events from other pages on the fly.  Set this up to save time and to easily recall event pages.
  • Delete an event from the calendar.

    Delete an event that has already taken place, or erase an event that hs been rescheduled or canceled altogether.
  • Editing an event on your calendar.

    Edit calendar events on the fly as you experience unexpected schedule changes.
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