Add Twitter resources

Note: Twitter can change their settings at anytime without notifying us and this support article could be out of date.

  1. Login to using your Twitter account username and password. 
  2. Go to, or access your Settings from the drop-down menu on the gear image.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions in order to create the Twitter widget you want on your website.
  4. Click the Create widget button.
  5. Copy the HTML code they give you.
  6. Go to the page on your site where you want to add the Twitter widget.
  7. The Twitter content must be added to the Text element, so either locate an existing text element where you can add the copied html code or create a new Text element.
  8. Click Settings on the Text element menu.

  9. On Settings page, click the < > HTML button at the bottom left of the text editor. This switches the text editor to HTML view.
  10. Paste your code from your Twitter feed in this field. (PC users can press Control + V, while Mac users can press Command + V.)
  11. Click the Save my changes button.