Add a Registration Element to your Site

  1. Go to the page where you want to add the registration form.
  2. Click the Add element button.
  3. Click the Login & Register button.

    This adds the Login & Register element to the page.
  4. Select Settings from the element toolbar.

  5. Enter the title for the element and check the box if you want to display the title for the element.

  6. Select Registration from the Type dropdown menu.
  7. Select the role to assign to a user who signs up with the registration form. Normally, you should create a custom role such as "Registered" to assign to registered users.
  8. Select the type of registration confirmation message to display
    • Modal with Custom HTML—Select this option if you want to display a custom message in a modal when a user completes the registration form. The text editor lets you write the message to display on the modal.

    • Redirect to Page—Select this option if you want to redirect the visitor to another page. If you select the Redirect to Page option, choose an existing page on your site from the dropdown list. With the redirect method, you should first create a registration confirmation page to which visitors will be redirected after successful registration. Best practice for the confirmation page is to set it as a hidden page so it does not appear on any menus.

  9. In the Notification Email field, enter the email address where you would like to be notified when a new user registers on the site. Leave the field empty if you do not want to receive email notification when a user registers.

  10. The Email Verification Settings  let you specify information to use for generating an email that is sent to a user when he or she registers on the site.

  11. In the Reply to Field, enter the email address to use for the Reply to Email on the registration verification email. If you do not specify an email address then, will be used as the reply to address.
  12. In the Subject field, enter the subject to use for the email.
  13. The text editor lets you compose the text for the email. You can use the default email text or enter your own text. If you change the default text, you must use the [verificationURL] parameter exactly as listed. In the final email, this parameter is replaced with a hypertext link for the user to click to complete registration. When the user follows the link, the user record's authorized status is updated to enable login for the user account.
  14. Click the Save my changes button to save the registration form.