Add a digital good

  1. Click the + button to add a new product.

  2. Add a Title.

  3. Click the gear icon under the Edit column and select Edit from the drop down menu.  By default the product is a physical product.

  4. Click the Digital button.

  5. Choose Upload, Link, or Existing from the File drop down menu.
    • Upload- Click the Choose file button and select the file needed.  Depending on the size of the file and your connection speed, the file might take time to upload.

    • Link- Paste in a link to the file needed.  The link address will not be made public.

    • Existing- Click the Choose file button and search for a file you have previously uploaded.  Use the drop down menu to refine your results.

  6. Give your digital file a title, add an SKU if needed

  7. Add a price and choose whether or not you are going to charge taxes.

  8. Click the Update button.