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  • Accepting payments

    The form builder element can be used to accept payments from donations, sell products online, or any other general accepting of money online.  There are two different payment gateways you can use: PayPal and Authorize.Net. Below is the information you will need to provide to these gateways to accept payments through the Form Builder element.

  • Using the form builder as a shopping cart

    This is helpful if you would like to set up a small shopping cart and sell products on your site. You are not limited in the amount of products that you can sell, you would just need to follow these instructions to set them up.
  • Accepting donations through the form builder

    A popular feature for non-profits, event registrations, or a mini store, these form element settings make it easy for you to set up donations, registrations, or simple purchases through PayPal, Google Checkout, or Authorize.net.  Be ready to set up service with one of these providers before adding this handy feature.