Accepting donations through the form builder

Example Use:

If you want to let users of your site register for a paid event and collect the registration fee, you can use the form element and add the paid registration to it. You can also use this method as a small shopping cart. The form builder accepts only PayPal and

To create a paid registration form:

  1. Go to the page where you want to create the registration form.
  2. Add the Form Element to the page. 
  3. Select Edit Form from the Form element menu.

  4. Select the Form Settings tab.  The form settings are organized into three sections including Basic Settings, Advanced Settings, and Payment Settings.
  5. Select the Basic Settings tab. Here you can edit the form name and description. Also on basic settings, you can add the email addresses for entry notification if you wish and/or password protect your form.
  6. Select the Advanced Settings tab. This controls the way the user gets confirmation of their submitted donation. You can choose "send an email" which will add a required email field to your form. You can click "edit" to set up the contents of the email you want to send to everyone who fills out your donation form. You can also edit the display message which will show up on the page after the form and the donation have been completed.

  7. Click Payment Settings. If you want to accept donations on your form, check the Enable Payments box. This will display a few more fields you will need to complete. 

  8. Now that you've enabled payments, you need to configure the payment settings.
  • Base price: When you are setting up a donation form, you will not need to fill in this information unless you have a set donation amount. If you do have a set donation amount, set your price in the base price field and everyone who completes the form will be charged that amount.
  • Payment processor: You can choose from PayPal or When you select the correct processor, the fields below will request the information needed for the form to work with your merchant account. You won't be able to save your form until you enter valid merchant account information. Therefore, you will have to have an account already setup with one of these processors before you can use form payments.

Build out your form to collect the information you need. To add fields, click the "Add Fields" tab at the top and choose the fields you want and edit the text on and around the fields.